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It can take a lot of time and energy to maintain thick, fast-growing hair. Laser hair removal – or reduction, as it’s more accurately called – is an effective, frequently performed procedure that may provide the solution you’re looking for.

Photo Caption: As one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, laser hair removal is a reliable, safe procedure that keeps away unwanted hair for the long-term.

Scare The Hair Away: Let’s Talk About Laser Hair Removal


Whether you shave it all off or let it grow freely, body hair is a very personal topic. As a societal custom, body hair removal is overwhelmingly practiced by a female majority, with over 80% of women consistently shaving their body hair. However, a survey by men’s grooming company, BAKBlade, reported that of the 2,000 men interviewed, over half felt ashamed or embarrassed by their body hair, especially in the chest and back areas. At some point or another, we’re bound to get tired of maintaining unruly hair which grows in unwanted places and requires hours of razoring away week to week. Not to mention the time, money, and grief spent on waxing appointments! Now a days, the public is turning to a simpler, less time-consuming solution: laser hair reduction.

As of 2021, the global market value was 763 million USD for the laser hair removal industry, with only an increasingly lucrative trajectory. Luckily, this treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around the world and new technology is only making it easier and safer for customers.


How Does It Work?

It can be scary trying out a new method, especially if you are unfamiliar with the technology of the procedure. Laser hair reduction utilizes highly concentrated pulses of light (lasers) that target the areas of the body where the patient wants to reduce hair growth. Essentially, the pigment – also known as melanin – in the hair follicles absorb the beam of light which produces a damaging heat. The hair follicles are then inhibited, hindering future hair growth.

Because melanin is integral to this technique, the darker the hair color, the more effective this method can be. Thick, coarser hair tends to heat more slowly, whereas fine hairs heat up quickly. Laser hair removal treatments can deter hair growth for long stretches of time, but it doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal, which is why “laser hair reduction” is the more accurate term. Almost always some hair will grow back, but it will be thinner and lighter than before.

Contrary to popular belief, laser hair reduction is not a one-time treatment. Peak results usually take at least 6 sessions, with a significant decline in body hair after each session. This time frame is due to the hair’s natural growth cycle. The best time to undergo treatment is during the anagen phase (growth phase) since the hair follicles are producing pigment. After a few weeks of several laser hair reduction treatments, the hair in the targeted areas will shed and fail to regrow.


Types of Equipment

Recent developments in the laser hair removal industry have led to a more diverse array of options for a variety of needs. Before undergoing any type of treatment session, it is important to understand the effects of certain wavelengths on lighter complexions vs. darker skin tones.

Fortunately, new laser machines can synchronize various pulse combinations to give each patient a customized treatment that is safest for their skin and hair type. At Jiva Med Spa, the most popular machines we use are Lutronic Clarity II and Candela GentleMax Pro, two tried-and-true aesthetic medical systems that provide a fast, effective, comfortable, and safe process for laser hair reduction.

  • Lutronic Clarity II: With its dual-wavelength IntelliTrak technology, the Clarity II removes even the finest of hairs with the greatest ease and consistency. It releases higher energy in a wider range of pulse widths, which can treat large or small areas of the skin with up to 45% more speed, so a full session can be completed in just 8-10 minutes. Not only is it effective and safe for any skin type, but it has a temperature sensor that adjusts to meet the patient’s comfort levels.
  • Candela GentleMax Pro: Meanwhile, the GentleMax Pro was developed as a successful hair reduction solution while having numerous other useful applications such as treating vascular lesions, leg veins, wine stains, rosacea and more. This versatile medical device uses dual wavelengths with short, high-energy pulses to achieve fast, “gold standard” results for all skin types. The dynamic cooling system also protects users’ epidermis, alleviating any pain or discomfort.


Before Your First Session

Your skin is sensitive and can react differently to various lasers, so it is important to schedule a consultation with a certified professional before receiving any treatment. Review pertinent medical history, current medications, or previous procedures you’ve undergone with a medical expert before making a decision.

Once you’ve decided to try laser hair reduction, prep for the appointment by following your doctor’s instructions. For instance, you’ll want wear loose, accessible clothing and have shaved the areas you plan to target the day before treatment. On the other hand, don’t use skin
creams that darken or lighten your skin, try to stay out of direct sunlight for long periods of time, and avoid other hair removal methods (i.e. waxing, plucking) which can irritate hair follicles.


What Are The Benefits?

  • You can apply laser hair reduction to almost any area of the body, such as the upper lip, chest, bikini line, back, and more. Check out some of these before & after results.
  • Obviously, once the process takes effect, there will be no hair to shave and maintain! This process saves hours upon hours of time for both women and men.
  • It is a great alternative for those who cannot wax or use other hair removal methods due to allergies or other skin conditions.
  • Less time spent shaving in the shower means overall less water consumption. Also, who doesn’t enjoy a reduced water bill?

    As you can see, laser hair reduction does more than just “zap” your hair away. It minimizes embarrassment and self-consciousness about body hair and provides achievable, long-lasting results, all while conserving resources, time, and money!


Why Choose Jiva Med Spa?

Each practitioner has the ability to choose their preferred devices and methods, and at Jiva Med Spa, we specifically employ techniques that prioritize the patient’s comfort. We understand that laser hair removal can be intimidating, especially due to its uncomfortable nature, so before each session we proactively apply cryogen to numb the target area prior to your treatment. By using the most comfortable, state-of-the-art equipment, we aim to put you at ease, plus each session is always supervised by our Medical Director, Dr. Nanda, to ensure a skilled, flawless performance.

If you’d like to learn more about laser hair reduction, we encourage you to set up a free consultation with us by scheduling an appointment with us at our Columbus (614-421-7546), Dayton (937-705-9430), or Cincinnati (513-834-1770) locations. We look forward to speaking with you!


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