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NeoGraft Hair Restoration

NeoGraft is an FDA-cleared hair restoration system for men and women that transplants individual hair follicles vs. a strip of skin, resulting in less scarring and a higher success rate.
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More than 80 million people
in the United States suffer
from hair loss.

How It Works

NeoGraft is a cutting-edge, FDA-cleared hair restoration system for men and women that only requires ONE procedure to see the results you want.

The NeoGraft technique transplants individual hair follicles (FUE method) vs. a strip of skin (FUT method), resulting in less scarring and a higher success rate.

At Jiva Med Spa, Dr. Rakesh Nanda performs ALL NeoGraft procedures, ensuring high-quality results from Ohio’s top cosmetic doctor.

Why Consider NeoGraft?

  • Minimally invasive

  • Natural-looking

  • No incision, scarring or damage

  • Quick recovery time

  • Safe and FDA-cleared

  • Financing options available

What To Expect

Step 1: Extraction Of Follicles
First, Dr. Nanda will remove follicular units (hair) from the donor region, usually at the back of your head. The NeoGraft device cores each individual follicular unit and gently removes it with simultaneous suction.

Step 2: Counting, Trimming & Sorting Of Grafts
After the follicular units are extracted, they are carefully sorted by size. The average follicular unit contains approximately 1-3 hairs. This follicular unit separation process helps to create a natural-looking end result.

Step 3: Recipient Site Creation
Recipient sites are created in the desired areas of balding or thinning, utilizing the proper depth and angulation to ensure graft viability, as these will be the new homes of the extracted grafts. Dr. Nanda will work with you to design your desired hairline.

Step 4: Placement Of The Hair Grafts
Each individual follicular unit is then implanted into each of the recipient sites in order to achieve the desired outcome. Proper depth and angulation are critical to ensure a natural-looking result, as hair grows in different angles depending on the scalp area.

More Than 90% Of Your Newly
Transplanted Hair Will Grow & Survive!

Watch Dr. Nanda Explain The NeoGraft Process

Dr. Rakesh Nanda

“With NeoGraft, we can take a strip of hair from the back,
without having to use a scalpel or make a cut… we’ll make
you have a beautiful hair line with your own hair!”

– Dr. Rakesh Nanda, MD

Results That Speak For Themselves

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Frequently Asked Questions About NeoGraft

  • How common is hair loss?

    Male or female pattern baldness is by no means an uncommon problem in the United States. Fifty million men and thirty million wome...n experience hair thinning or baldness.

  • Who qualifies for the NeoGraft procedure?

    NeoGraft is compatible with everyone, no matter what type of hair you have, what texture it is, or what color it is.

  • How long does the NeoGraft procedure take?

    An office visit is expected to take anywhere from four to eight hours relative to the number of grafts. It will only take one visi...t to achieve results.

  • What is the NeoGraft success rate?

    More than 90% of transplanted hair will grow and survive. This is a much higher percentage outcome than the other methods. The hig...h success rate is due to the fact that there will be minimal scalp trauma, which means no scarring or damage.

  • Are the NeoGraft results natural-looking?

    Your new-transplanted hair will be indiscernible from the rest of your naturally growing hair; you will never be able to see a dif...ference! Your hairline will look just like it did prior to experiencing hair thinning or suffering from male or female pattern baldness.

  • How long until I see results?

    You should expect to see your outcome improve each subsequent week following the procedure. All healthy hair follicles that are tr...ansplanted are expected to show full growth in nine to twelve months following the transplant procedure.

  • Is NeoGraft a permanent hair loss solution?

    Hair loss does not totally stop after NeoGraft, especially age-related balding. However, with Dr. Nanda will discuss all options w...ith you prior to treatment.

Take Control Of Your Hair Loss.

Schedule your FREE NeoGraft consultation with Dr. Nanda today!

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