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Onychomycosis Treatment
at Jiva Med Spa in Columbus & Dayton.

Onychomycosis, commonly known as toenail or fingernail fungus, can be frustrating and for some people an embarrasing condition that is treatable. Our team of medical professionals in Columbus and Dayton, use the latest technology to treat toenail fungus to help you regain your confidence.
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You don’t have to live with Onychomycosis, our team can help!

What is Onychomycosis

Onychomycosis is a fungal infection that affects the nails, most commonly the toenails. It can lead to discoloration, thickening, and even crumbling of the nails, making them appear unsightly.

This condition is caused by various types of fungi, often thriving in warm and moist environments like sweaty shoes. If left untreated, onychomycosis can spread and lead to discomfort or pain.

Our dedictated team of professionals in Columbus & Dayton use the latest technology to treat this common condition.

How does Toe Fungus Form?

Toe fungusis a common fungal infection that primarily affects the toenails, although it can also impact fingernails. It is caused by various types of fungi, with the most common being dermatophytes, yeasts, and molds. The fungi that cause toenail fungus are commonly found in warm, moist environments like swimming pools, public showers, and locker rooms. People who frequently visit these places may have a greater risk of coming into contact with fungi, causing toe fungus.

The fungi causing toe or nail fungus usually enter the body through tiny cuts or separations between the nail and the nail bed. This can occur due to small injuries, trimming the nails too closely, or wearing tight-fitting shoes that cause pressure on the nails.Once the fungi gain entry, they start to grow and multiply within the warm and moist environment under the nail. Nails provide a protective barrier that makes it difficult for the immune system and antifungal medications to reach the infection site.

As the infection progresses, you might notice changes in the appearance of your toenails. The nail might become discolored, usually turning yellow, brown, or white. The nail can become thick, brittle, and crumbly, making it hard to cut or trim. It might also start to separate from the nail bed, leading to pain and discomfort. If left untreated, the fungus can spread to other nails or even to other parts of the body. It’s also possible to spread the infection to others if you share personal items like nail clippers, socks, or shoes.

Certain factors increase the risk of developing toenail fungus, including:

Older individuals are more prone to fungal infections as nails become more brittle and prone to cracks.
Conditions like diabetes that affect blood flow circulation can increase the risk.
A compromised immune system is less able to fight off fungal infections.
Fungi thrive in warm, damp conditions.
Any trauma to the nails can create openings for fungal entry.
Tight shoes or artificial nails can create an environment that encourages fungal growth.

Eliminate your toe fungus today!

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