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Jiva Med Spa
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Advertisement, Email Marketing, Social Post and General Disclaimer


This disclaimer is meant to cover all marketing efforts by Grandview Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery Center and Jiva Med Spa.
This information covers any and all emails, social posts, calendar posts, flyers, events, and any printed or electronic marketing efforts.


We generally triple check all efforts and communications to customers and vendors but hey, we are human, and sometimes mistakes are made. Printing mistakes, typing mistakes, auto-correction mistakes, and general confusion in posting, printing or advertising both organic and paid.  Our goal is to satisfy all of our customers but if a mistake is made either printed or electronic we will fix it as soon as possible and honor the original intent of the item.

General Items

You must be 18 or older to take part in any of our sales, specials, or efforts made both in print and electronic form.

All items end on the event date and do not extend past the event date.

Any item that does not have an end date is valid for 30 days from printing, posting, or emailing.

Any item is valid for named location only unless otherwise noted.

The offices have the right to cancel any deal at any time without warning or reason.

No items can be used together, stacked, shared or anything of that nature without permission of the office.

By using any discount, code, coupon, email, printed item, etc. You are agreeing to all the terms listed here.