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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to drain laser tattoo removal blisters?

finger blister
I have had my first laser tattoo removal session. The next day, the blister was insanely impressive in size. I used a syringe to poke a small hole in it to allow it to drain because the pressure was making my finger immobile. This is day three, and I’ve just “lanced” it again for the same reason. Is this normal? Will this ever stop filling up like this?

Dr. Nanda – When answering this, I first need a little more information including which type of laser was used? We recommend that you don’t pop or self lance the blisters, as it could promote scarring, or infection. It would be best to follow up with the provider who did the treatment and let them drain the blisters if needed, but most often the blisters will reduce back down in size on their own.

Can I re-tattoo over a laser-removed tattoo?

I got a tattoo that turned out crooked, and I am getting it lasered off once it heals. When I’m done with my treatments will I be able to get another tattoo over that same area? Or will there be scarring??

Dr. Nanda – Of course you can, when using the most updated technology. Wait several months to let any under-the-skin inflammation calm down, and you should be ready for a new tattoo. The risk of scarring should not change any. And if it ever is a problem, with the new tattoo, we will be ready to take that one off too.

About how many laser tattoo removal treatments will I need?

unwanted tattoo on armunwanted tattoo
I have a small black and gray tattoo on my inner forearm that I want to get removed. It has a thin black outline and it has some gray shadows, but it’s not really dark. It’s about 2 inches long and 1 inch wide at its widest point. It’s only a couple weeks old and I’m waiting about a year to start treatments so I can save up money for it. Thank you in advance!

Dr. Nanda – The number of treatments depends on the age of tattoo and also how heavy handed that tattoo artist was. Tattoo removal is never one and done unfortunately. 20 years and old the lower amount of treatments. 5 years younger the more treatments. That is why we offer a FREE complimentary consultation, so you can be educated on the process and the pricing.

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Dr. Nanda went above and beyond answering any questions I might have and making me as comfortable as possible with the process of laser tattoo removal. I was blown away with how much could be removed per session. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for tattoo removal of any size.

Catherine E., Columbus Ohio

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