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truSculpt iD at Jiva

Bodies aren’t one-size-fits-all. Body sculpting shouldn’t be, either. truSculpt iD is the
latest non-invasive, non-surgical body sculpting treatment from Cutera, providing a
personalized solution that results in an average of 24% permanent fat reduction.
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Trusculpt ID

How It Works

truSculpt iD delivers Radiofrequency (RF) Energy to the entire fat layer from skin to muscle, while maintaining a comfortable skin temperature.

In just one quick 15-minute treatment, the therapeutic heat irreversibly damages an average of 24% of fat cells.

Damaged fat cells are gradually removed by the body over a 12-week process, leaving patients with permanent fat reduction.y.

Trusculpt Id

I’m an athletic person, a health-conscious person, I eat healthy and work out 5-6 times per week. But I’ve always had this tiny bit of stubborn belly fat in my lower abdomen that just doesn’t want to go away. So, I thought I’d give it a try!
– Monica, real truSculpt iD patient

Fat Reduction vs. Weight Loss

When you lose weight, your fat cells shrink. When you reduce fat, you heat and kill fat cells, totally eliminating them from the body.

24% Fat Reduction: After one truSculpt iD treatment, most people report a 24% fat reduction in the target area 12 weeks post treatment.

truSculpt iD permanently removes fat cells from your body to reduce stubborn body fat that won’t respond to diet or exercise.

Fat Reduction

Unique Benefits Of truSculpt iD:

  • Can treat people with a BMI of 30 or above

  • Ideal for the upper arms and outer and inner thighs

  • Zero downtime, zero side effects, zero pain

  • Impressive results after just one 15-minute session

  • Versatile device can sculpt challenging areas

Results That Speak For Themselves

  • Before
  • After

truSculpt iD Physician Testimonials

Michael Somenek

Patients find the treatment absolutely seamless with zero downtime. Most patients say the procedure feels like a hot stone massage. The reason why this treatment is superior to other contouring devices is that it is truly customizable to the patients’ needs and can treat multiple areas in a single 15-minute treatment.
– Michael Somenek, M.D.,
Somenek M.D. Advanced Facial Plastic
Surgery, Washington DC

Anne Chapas

My patients rave about how fast and comfortable it is. This revolutionary new sculpting device is perfect for those who want sculpting in as little as 15-minutes. truSculpt iD allows patients to achieve truly tailored results in a significantly shorter time frame, making it a very appealing non-invasive option for permanently eliminating fat cells in stubborn areas.
– Anne Chapas, M.D.,
Union Square Laser Dermatology,
New York, NY

95% Of Patients Say truSculpt iD Is Totally “Worth It.”

12 Weeks Later I Am Thrilled With My Results!

“I was nervous about my treatment but the staff was friendly and professional and set me at ease. After what was a comfortable and quick 15-minute session I was on my way with no down time. 12 weeks later I am thrilled with my results!!”
– Real truSculpt iD patient

TruSculpt iD Is My New Best Friend.

“I had a truSculpt iD treatment on my abdomen back in February and the results were fabulous! I couldn’t believe how much better I looked after such a short and simple treatment. I was looking at my bikini pictures from August 2018 compared to the beginning of June in 2019 and wow! I couldn’t even pull my high wasted swimsuit up to my waist like it’s supposed to back in August, but in June I could! I would definitely recommend this treatment for anyone who’s having trouble getting rid of stubborn fat.”
– Real truSculpt iD patient

Each Month The Areas Looked Smaller And Tighter.

“I am 68 years old, eat smart and exercise daily. But, even with these good habits, I face the loss of collagen and skin tightening in certain areas of my body due to my age. I chose three areas: upper arms (bat wings!), upper back, and upper/lower abdomen. I had a series of treatments (3-4) with truSculpt iD to address some fat deposits and tightening. It is a treatment that improves with time, so each month I was delighted with the areas looking smaller and tighter.”
– Real truSculpt iD patient

All Around Great and Effective Experience!

“I had TruSculpt iD on my lower abdomen. I was a bit on the fence about it. A device that permanently eliminates stubborn fat I haven’t been able to get rid of, EVER, in just a 15-minute treatment?! I eat healthy, I stay active – but nothing worked so I was like, “Why not, what do I have to lose?” And boom. A week after my treatment, I went from 40 mm of fat to 27 mm. Granted, not everybody will have those exact results, especially that quick (usually takes about 3 months) but the point is – IT WORKED!”
– Real truSculpt iD patient

Trusculpt iD Helped Me To Finally Lose Those Fat Cells!

“Long story short, I’ve been struggling to get rid of my love handles for years. I tried dieting and exercising and everything, but somehow, I felt I needed that extra push that could help me achieve the body I always wanted. truSculpt iD helped me to finally lose those fat cells that were going nowhere!”
– Real truSculpt iD patient

The Procedure Was Quick, Painless And Had No Downtime.

“I work out regularly but was still unable to get rid of my lower abdomen bulge. truSculpt iD sounded like a possible solution. The procedure was quick, painless and had no downtime. I saw results in about 10 weeks- my lower abdomen and flanks definitely decreased in size and even firmed up a bit. I am more than happy with my results & wood definitely do it again.”
– Real truSculpt iD patient

Frequently Asked Questions
About truSculpt iD

  • What is truSculpt iD?

    truSculpt iD is a non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses Radiofrequency (RF) Energy to heat and permanently destroy fat cells. It’s commonly used to treat the upper arms, inner and outer thighs, abdomen, love handles, and under the chin. After the fat cells are killed, the body naturally metabolizes and removes them over a 12-week period.

  • What happens during a truSculpt iD treatment?

    The truSculpt iD treatment takes just 15 minutes, and six different target areas of the body can be treated simultaneously. The device will gradually heat up in cycles, and many patients compare the sensation to a relaxing hot-stone massage. Following the truSculpt iD treatment, there is zero downtime and zero side effects, and you can immediately return to normal activities, including exercise.

  • How soon will you see truSculpt iD results?

    Although many people notice an immediate improvement, it typically takes about 12 weeks for your body to fully metabolize and eliminate the destroyed fat cells. After 12 weeks, most patients see on average a 24% fat reduction in the treated areas.

  • Does truSculpt iD tone muscles?

    Unlike body contouring procedures like truSculpt Flex, which uses proprietary Multi-Directional Stimulation (MDS) technology to strengthen, firm, and tone your abs, butt, and thighs, truSculpt iD is primarily a fat reduction procedure, and will not tone muscles. However, it’s possible to get both truSculpt flex and truSculpt iD performed in tandem, which would produce total body contouring results.

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