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The Vampire Facelift Procedure in Ohio

A Vampire Facelift is a non-invasive procedure developed by Dr. Charles Runels, M.D. that involves using the patient’s own blood as a natural aid to face firmness. A Vampire Facelift leaves patients with a smoother, clearer complexion than they had before the procedure. The term in itself sounds frightening and perhaps even painful, but it is in fact a relatively simple procedure. Many people have questions as to what exactly this procedure involves.

The Vampire Facelift should be performed by doctors or other licensed professionals who are licensed to draw blood. The surface treatment itself can be performed in a spa by a trained professional.

In order to perform a Vampire Facelift, a small amount of blood is extracted from the patient. The platelet-rich plasma in the blood must be separated so that it can be infused into skin areas in order to smooth wrinkles out. When the skin is injected with the plasma, the skin becomes smoother as wrinkles disappear, leaving the patient with a youthful appearance.

This is the 4 step video on how the facial is performed.

A Safe, Simple Procedure

Vampire Facelifts, an in-office procedure, do not require surgery and are unlike conventional facelifts. This procedure is similar to other injections designed to act as filler that smooth wrinkles, particularly Restylane and Juvederm. Although very similar to these filler injections, Vampire Facelifts have certain advantages when compared with others in its class. In addition to removing wrinkles and giving the skin a radiant glow, Vampire Facelifts have the added benefit of increasing collagen which adds more bulk to the skin, making it plumper. This essential antibody is superior because it contains no manufactured ingredients and no products derived from animals. In order to perform a Vampire Facelift, there is no need to use any other filler and there is no need for any other medications to be administered.

Who Can Have a Vampire Facelift?

Anyone can benefit from a Vampire Facelift. Patients with problems such as fine lines and wrinkles can benefit from having Vampire Facelifts as well as those with loose, sagging skin on the face or those who suffer from the effects of lost collagen resulting in the face having a droopy or collapsed appearance with sunken under-eye areas. Patients with tired, gray, dull skin appearance can also benefit from having a Vampire Facelift. Ultimately, the treated area of the face will continue to show improvements while the platelet-rich fibrin matrix takes place.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

Patients see results in areas where the skin is thinned out and thinned out as well as in hollow, sunken cheekbones. Most patients start to see results quickly, usually within three to four weeks with slight improvements being seen as early as within the first four days following the procedure. Repeat treatments help to enhance the effects and patients who undergo additional treatments report more profound results.

A drawback to the procedure is that its effects are limited to certain parts of the face. Vampire Facelifts are ineffective when it comes to reshaping and sculpting the jawline and lower face. It is also ineffective when it comes to treatments involving the neck area.

Vampire Facelift in Ohio

Prior to the Vampire Facelift procedure being performed, the problem areas, or areas that need treatment are identified and determined. Problem areas usually include cheeks and under-eye areas. Other areas that may be of concern are the hairline, breasts and other parts of the face.

Since the patient’s own blood is used in the procedure, there is no need for the patient to undergo allergy testing. After the areas of concern are pinpointed, a small amount of blood, usually two teaspoons, is drawn from the patient’s arm for the centrifuging plasma procedure that is used to separate the natural serum, white blood cells, and platelets from the red blood cells.

Prior to the quick and easy hour-long procedure, numbing cream is placed on the patient’s face in preparation for the facial area injections of Juvederm or Restylane. The injection stimulates stem cell growth that cleverly tricks the body into producing new tissue, just as it would produce new tissue if a person suffers from an injury. Unlike Juvederm and other fillers, Vampire Facelifts does not contribute to skin bruising in treated area but instead actually helps with diminishing bruises.

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