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Z Wave Q At Jiva

The ultra-quiet Z Wave Q uses powerful sound wave technology to boost metabolic activity, increase
blood circulation, diminish cellulite, and enhance the results of body contouring procedures.
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The Q in Z Wave Q stands for
“quiet” – it operates at 50% the
noise level of Z Wave Pro!

How It Works

The Z Wave Q is the quietest functioning radial pulse technology on the market, which helps create a more pleasant experience and better complements the ambiance of a medical spa environment. The sensation of the treatment is still the same – patients say the Z Wave Q procedure feel like a gentle massage.

The Z Wave Q’s innovative water-cooled generator and ergonomic hand piece with a “shock absorber” offers the most comfortable treatment and maximum level of patient safety. The Z Wave Q sound waves travel deep into the tissue and spread out radially, increasing the body’s metabolic activity in the form of increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

Used alone, Z Wave Q reduces the appearance of cellulite, and used in conjunction with other body contouring procedures, such as CoolSculpting, Z Wave Q improves fat reduction results. The Z Wave Q also effectively treats erectile dysfunction, because the procedure naturally increases blood circulation and strengthens connective tissue in the penis.


Benefits of Z Wave Q:

  • Quiet, soft pulse
    technology results in a
    better experience

  • Effectively treats and
    removes cellulite after just
    2-3 sessions

  • Complements other body
    sculpting and fat reduction

  • Non-invasive, non-surgical,
    and zero downtime

  • Treats erectile dysfunction,
    increasing sexual function
    and satisfaction

  • Treatment is simple,
    versatile, and provides
    long-lasting results

Introducing The Z Wave Q

Introducing Z-Wave

“We get the same kind of results throughout our entire line of products, for relieving pain, accelerating recovery, and for cellulite, but if this is important to you, you now have an option to use a device that’s 50% quieter.”

– Michael Busic, Director at Z Wave

Why We LOVE Z Wave Q!

An Ideal Add-On Treatment

Z Wave Q treatments are very effective on their own in reducing the appearance of cellulite, but they can also enhance the effects of procedures such as CoolSculpting, Cellfina, TruSculpt Flex, TruSculpt iD, Venus Legacy, and so much more!

Stimulates Collagen

Directly, Z Wave Q stimulates collagen production, which strengthens connective tissue, resulting in smoother, firmer skin. Additionally, the production of collagen improves blood circulation, which gives skin a healthier, glowing appearance.

Spa-Like Experience

The Z Wave Q is the best radial pulse technology on the market, producing the same results as older versions but with only 50% of the noise, creating a more spa-like experience. And since it’s non-invasive, there’s no pain or recovery time.

Precise Treatment,
Precise Results

The applicator is extremely precise, and patients say the treatment feels like a gentle massage. As many as 80% of patients notice either a full reduction or a noticeable reduction of fat and cellulite by the fourth week of treatment.

Dr. Rakesh Nanda

“There’s a manual massage at the end of CoolSculpting that people don’t
like, where… it hurts and it’s uncomfortable. That’s completely eliminated
with the Z Wave. In addition, Z Wave can give you 8-10% more fat
destruction. The neat thing about this device: there’s no downtime,
there’s no incision, and there’s no pain.”

– Dr. Rakesh Nanda, MD

Before/After Photos:

  • Before
  • After
  •  Before
  •  After
  • Before
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  • Before
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  • Before
  •  After

Frequently Asked Questions About Z Wave Q

  • What Is The Difference Between Z WaveQ And Z WavePro?
    Z Wave Q is equipped with innovative new water-cooled hand piece technology. This makes the unit 50% quieter and eliminates switching hand pieces during longer treatments.
  • Is The Z Wave Q Treatment Painful?
    No, quite the contrary. Many patients comment that the Z Wave Q treatment feels similar to a relaxing massage.
  • How Many Treatments Will I Need?
    For cellulite treatment: Visible changes may be seen as soon as during your second week of treatment. Your skin will get smoother and noticeably firmer. Recommended treatment is a minimum of 10 sessions within 3-4 weeks. The number of treatments you need may depend on the severity of your cellulite. For enhanced body contouring: It depends on your specific condition. For example, Z Wave Q after Cryolipolysis® typically requires only one treatment, instead of massage. The Z Wave Q treatment takes about 4 minutes per treated area.
  • What Kind Of Results Can I Expect?
    For cellulite treatment: At a minimum, an improvement of one grade of cellulite. (E.g., improvement from Grade 3 to Grade 2.) For enhanced body contouring: Z Wave Q will enhance the experience and outcome of your contouring procedure.
  • How Long Will The Effects Of My Z Wave Q Treatment Last For The Treatment Of Cellulite?
    Z Wave practitioners have reported that the effects have lasted a year or more.
  • What Are The Advantages Of Z Wave Q?
    For cellulite treatment: Z Wave Q is an effective treatment for cellulite that is gentle, quick, and non-invasive with no down time for the patient. For enhanced body contouring: Z Wave Q is an effective treatment to enhance body contouring results, can shorten recovery time and minimize the occurrence of side effects.
  • How Does Z Wave Q Compare To Hand Massage After A Body Contouring Procedure?
    Z Wave Q lends consistent therapy for the entire treatment, removing the subjectivity of hand massage.

Ready To Experience The Power Of Z Wave Q?

Schedule your FREE Z Wave Q consultation today and get ready for total body confidence!

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