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The Vampire Breast Lift Procedure in Ohio

The Vampire Breast Lift, so named because of its use of your body’s blood, is a non-surgical breast augmentation that can help to improve the color, texture, and shape of your breasts. This is done by extracting growth factors from the Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP, in your bloodstream. These growth factors are used to stimulate collagen production in your body.

Collagen works to maintain the elasticity in your skin, but as you grow and age, your body begins to produce less of it. This causes sagging in the skin and drooping of the breasts. By stimulating collagen growth in the body, improvements can be seen in the elasticity and shape of the breasts, greatly enhancing visual appeal.

This treatment is a noninvasive procedure that involves removing platelet-rich plasma from your bloodstream and injecting the growth factors into targeted areas around your breasts. This causes an effect that is similar to the use of a well-fitted bra but without the restrictions that come along with a bra.


Preparation for the treatment is relatively simple, with most of the work being in screening out the plasma from the other elements of the blood. It is however important that a patient stop taking any supplements or medications that act to thin the blood, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, vitamin D, and any blood thinners that they may be on. In addition to this, it is likely that a full blood count and a medical checkup will be performed, so that a complete medical history is available before the procedure begins.


The actual procedure will begin by having a nurse apply hyaluronic acid filler to the breasts. This will add lift and restore volume. Following that, the nurse will remove roughly two teaspoons worth of blood from the patient’s arm. This blood will be processed through a centrifuge in order to extract the platelets that are responsible for collagen growth. These platelets will then be injected into key locations in the breasts in order to stimulate collagen growth in the area. Prior to this injection, the breasts of the patient will be numbed.

The collagen will work to rebuild tissue, while the hyaluronic acid will add moisture to the location in order to provide lift and volume. The entire process takes about an hour to complete from beginning to end. No sedation or extended stay is necessary and the discomfort should be minimal. A numbing cream is applied to the breasts in order to dampen any pain during the injection process, while the drawing of the blood is performed as any routine procedure would be.

Benefits of the Vampire Breast Lift

The Vampire Breast Lift procedure has a range of benefits. It can produce rounder and fuller breasts, lift sagging breasts back to their normal positions, correct inverted nipples, and in many cases increase breast and nipple sensitivity.

Since this procedure uses the patient’s own blood, there is no chance of an abnormal reaction or allergic response to the procedure. Furthermore, since the procedure is done non-surgically, the Vampire Breast lift will not leave any lasting or damaging marks or scars.

The procedure is simple for the patient to undergo, with only a few pre-procedure requirements, and a short duration of about an hour.

With no long-term management or care needed, the patient can continue with their day after the completion of the procedure.

It normally takes up to 2 months for the full results of the procedure to be noticed by the patient, though gradual improvement will likely be noticed as the time passes. Most Vampire Breast lift procedures last up to 2 years, after which the process will need to be repeated to maintain the desired look.

Cost of a Vampire Breast Lift in Ohio

The cost of the Vampire Breast Lift procedure can vary depending on the person. Normally the surgeon has to take into account the current state of the breasts, the weight of the patient, and her general health. Prices can also vary depending on rather or not the patient intends to have any other operations or procedures performed at the same time. You will usually be provided a price after meeting with a doctor and getting an idea of what needs to be done, and how extensive the repairs will be.

Anyone interested in having a Vampire Breast Lift procedure done should seek out a free consultation with our doctor. The doctor will perform a basic exam, obtain the patient’s medical history, and attempt to answer any questions or concerns she may have. The doctor will also go over with the patient the exact look and shape she wishes to have her breasts be, and from there will work out a price and schedule for the patient to return.

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