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Facial Treatments
New Treatments at Jiva
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Facial Treatments

Keep your skin rejuvenated and protected!

DiamondGlow Facial

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

Time to get your glow on by using the patented diamond-tipped wand of the DiamondGlow facial treatment! Gently exfoliate the face, clear away debris, and renew your skin with customized, professional-grade serums.

*Cannot mix and match with other facial treatments.


Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

Get the rejuvenated skin you deserve! This customizable, non-invasive facial treatment cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the face to achieve a radiant complexion in just one 30-minute session!

*Cannot mix and match with other facial treatments.

Hollywood Laser Peel

Buy 2, Get 1 FREE

This popular anti-aging facial treatment uses laser energy device, Lutronic Spectra, combined with a carbon mask peel to treat uneven pigmentation, exfoliate and remove impurities from the skin, and leave your complexion looking younger, smoother, and brighter!

*Cannot mix and match with other facial treatments.


Buy 2 Syringes, Get 1 Syringe FREE

Correct wrinkles, add volume and fullness to the face, and enhance your overall look this summer with our anti-aging fillers by Revanesse Versa, Juvéderm, and more!

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Buy 3 Treatments, Get 2
Hydrafacials FREE!

Unlock your ultimate glow with AviClear! This energy-based device treats mild to severe acne with no chemicals, drugs, or prescription needed. Embrace the beauty of synergy as we gift you 2 complimentary Hydrafacials with the purchase of 3 AviClear treatments.

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Buy 4 Vials, Get 1 Syringe of
Restylane Filler FREE

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, replenish the skin’s collagen, and increase facial structure volume with this regenerative FDA-approved injectable! When you buy 4 vials of Sculptra, receive a FREE syringe of Restylane!

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SPF Products

Product of The Month – 20% OFF

Stock up on SPF before your beach trip! Our medical-grade sunscreen products will keep your skin protected from harmful UV rays and sun damage all summer long. Available for purchase in person at all locations.

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New Treatments at Jiva

Explore what’s new!

Mounjaro (Tirzepatide)

First Month of Treatment – Only $599
(4 Treatments)

For those who have plateaued with Semaglutide, climb your way to greater weight loss results with Mounjaro (Tirzepatide) injections! This treatments reduces hunger and caloric intake, with many patients lose 25+ lbs!

*Individual results may vary. Offer applies to new
patients only.

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Red Light Therapy Bed

First Month of Treatment – Only $99
Per Session

Red light energy reenergizes your whole body and makes it feel like you’re soaking up tons of Vitamin D! Plus, boost collagen, reduce wrinkles, and reverse the effects of sun-damaged skin!*

*Offer applies to first-time red light therapy patients only. Normally $150/session.

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Buy 3 Sessions, Get 1 FREE ($1800Value) + 20 Units of Botox

This needle-free facial rejuvenation treatment uses multiple energies to lift the face and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful look! Plus, get 20 units of Botox included when you purchase 3 treatment sessions.

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Exclusive Ongoing Offers

Achieve your additional wellness goals!

Semaglutide 1-Month Package

$599 for 4 Treatments ($400 Value)

Shed pounds and hit your weight loss goals before summer with our doctor administered Semaglutide injections. Patients report losing an average of 3-8lbs per week!* Counteract any side effects by asking about our secret weapon: Lipo-Mino Mix!

*Individual results may vary.

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Special Event

Tattoo Removal Event

Reclaim your skin at Jiva! All day Wednesday, June 21 from 9AM – 6:30PM, we invite you to stop by our Columbus location to learn more about laser tattoo removal, how it works, and the number of sessions you need to achieve clearer skin!

As a bonus, we’re offering FREE demos on part of your tattoo so that you can get a feel for what the treatment is like.

Event spots are limited and must be reserved by appointment. Call, text, or reserve your spot online today!

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Dr. Nanda went above and beyond answering any questions I might have and making me as comfortable as possible with the process of laser tattoo removal. I was blown away with how much could be removed per session. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for tattoo removal of any size.

Catherine E., Columbus Ohio

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