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Learn about what steps you can take to help your body feel refreshed & cleansed this springtime!

Photo Caption: With our helpful tips and top-rated products, planning your spring cleanse will be a breeze.

Your How-To Detox Guide: Top Tips For A Successful Spring Cleanse


During the long, cold winter we tend to become inactive, staying inside to preserve energy and maintain warmth. We might even be guilty of overindulging on food or drinks (all the sweets around the holidays doesn’t help!) or putting off exercise routines because we developed an unpleasant cold. Ultimately, come springtime, it’s not uncommon to feel sluggish, bloated, or apathetic. However, spring is a season full of rejuvenation and new beginnings! This makes it the perfect time to clear the body of toxins with a cleanse that will reinvigorate your daily life and put a spring back in your step!


What Is a Cleanse or Detox?


Over time, the body builds up toxins and waste from being exposed to synthetic chemicals that affect the body’s natural hormone levels, amount of stored fat cells, and create other imbalances. These toxins can come from preservatives in foods, heavy metals in various commercial products, environmental pollution, a vitamin deficit, and more. A detox regimen is a great lifestyle change to temporarily flush out unwanted toxins that have accumulated and jumpstart the body by getting rid of excess fat, forming lean muscle, and restoring the immune and digestive systems.


Benefits of Doing a Spring Cleanse


Although our body naturally detoxes itself each day, it’s a great idea to do an annual cleanse. Think of it as a “spring cleaning,” like you would do for your house—it’s an effective way to perform a check-in on yourself to fine-tune different areas of the body that need a little revitalization. How do you know if you need a detox? You may be exhibiting some of the following symptoms:

– Fatigue, lack of motivation or enthusiasm

– Poor quality of sleep due to stress

– Bloating, slow metabolism, or weight gain

– Issues with gastrointestinal health

– Frequent sickness from decreased immunity

– Manifestation of acne, rashes, or irritated skin

– Headaches, interrupted concentration

Detoxes are a quick, easy way to hit the reset button each year to minimize these symptoms, restore internal imbalances, incorporate proactive wellness habits, and renew the body’s overall health.


How To Detox: The Different Cleansing Methods


So how do you get started on your detox? The first step to starting a cleanse may seem intimidating or overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Most people associate cleanses with a low-calorie, liquid diet, with the misconception that they must limit themselves to drinking juices, smoothies, or other concoctions infused with protein powder. That’s not true at all!

Although proper hydration and nutrition play a huge role in detoxification, a successful cleanse is made up of several integrated approaches that work together to boost overall health. Below are some of the most popular types of cleansing practices. In all cases, it’s best to gently introduce these changes little by little to maintain a slow and steady pace.

1. Changing up your diet.

This type of cleanse focuses on incorporating nutritious foods and drinks that are high in antioxidants into your daily meals. Fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber-dense grains, and lean proteins such as poultry or fish are wonderful foods for enriching the body with vitamins and helping to rebalance your intestinal tract. Simultaneously, eliminating sugary, fatty foods that often contain preservatives and impurities will decrease weight and bloating. Drinking plenty of water, blended smoothies, and herbal teas while ditching alcohol and caffeinated beverages is another useful rule of thumb.

2. Focusing on holistic wellbeing.

An important part of any cleanse is doing activities that prioritize your mental health. For example, sleeping a consistent 7 – 9 hours every night allows the brain to get ample rest while the body removes toxins. Daily exercise is proven to counteract stress and depression, plus it helps the body excrete fat-soluble toxins via perspiration. Whether doing yoga, steaming in a sauna, or taking a walk outside, getting regular exercise is crucial for sweating out these toxins and supporting the lymphatic system.

3. Exploring medical supplements.

To further assist with liver, colon, and gastrointestinal function, there are many nutritional formulas on the market to complement your spring cleanse. These supplements contain extra vitamins and minerals—such as Vitamin B and C—that are meant to replenish the body’s reserves and correct any deficiencies. Some detox kits are available over the counter in your local drug store; however, the highest quality products typically require a prescription by a licensed healthcare practitioner. For someone who requires a customized treatment plan or would prefer using only professional-grade products, a consultation with a medical professional is recommended to discuss your options.


Enhance Your Spring Detox At Jiva


A detox should revitalize your body functions, especially within the liver, kidney, and gut. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all method, but a safe, successful spring detox usually lasts a couple of days to a week. With any detox, it’s important not to go overboard because this can potentially flush out all the beneficial bacteria within these organs, leading to illness and other negative side effects.

That’s why we offer the industry’s most exclusive, clinically tested 6-day detox kit by XYMOGEN. This family-owned health sciences company provides high-quality dietary supplements to licensed healthcare providers, with exclusive formulas designed to renew detoxification capabilities, gastrointestinal health, and overall immune system.

XYMOGEN 6-Day Detox Micro Kit

This 6-Day Detox Micro Kit uses state-of-the-art formulas by XYMOGEN that target toxins and waste not only in the liver, but in multiple systems throughout the body. The detox kit acts as a probiotic supplement to promote digestion, drainage, regulate bowel and waste elimination, stimulate metabolism, strengthen the immune system, and maintain a balanced, healthy gut.


At Jiva Med Spa, we can also customize the XYMOGEN formulas and dosages to meet each client’s unique needs. Instead of doing your own research and hoping for the best outcome, it can be reassuring to purchase rigorously evaluated supplements directly from trusted professionals. When you work with our team of experts at Jiva Med Spa, we’ll safely and holistically restore you to optimal wellness. Consult with our experts today at our Columbus (614-421-7546), Dayton (937-705-9430), or Cincinnati (513-834-1770) locations to tailor a detox treatment that’s specific to you!

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