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Vampire treatments, named after their repurposing of your body’s own blood, are a series of procedures that draw blood from the patient in order to promote collagen growth. Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is drawn from the blood and used to promote tissue-building elements in the body. This is done by spinning the blood in a centrifuge until the Plasma has been separated from the rest of the blood.

Vampire treatments manifest in three separate treatments – the Vampire Facial, the Vampire Breast Lift, and the Vampire Facelift. All three procedures work to restore the look and feel of your skin through natural and safe means.

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Vampire Facial

The Vampire Facial works to restore the color, volume, and texture of your facial skin.

The elasticity of the skin is controlled by the amount of collagen in our bodies. As we get older, the body is not able to produce as much collagen, leading to sagging skin. By taking PRP from the patient’s blood and injecting it into the skin, new collagen production is stimulated. This helps to restore the elasticity of the patient’s face, increasing color and skin tone and giving a younger look.

While the Vampire Facelift makes use of hyaluronic acid, the Vampire Facial does not. Instead, a nurse simply removes two teaspoons of blood from a patient and runs that blood through a centrifuge. This separates the PRP from the rest of the blood. The PRP is then applied with a topical ointment onto key areas, such as under the eyes, the forehead, smile lines, and any deep wrinkles the patient may have. PRP may also be applied onto the neck, upper torso, and back of the hands, should the patient request it.

The PRP works to stimulate new collagen and tissue growth in the areas, restoring elasticity and color. This also helps to remove acne or chicken pox scars and will help to promote blood flow, thus removing dull or greying skin.

Vampire Breast Lift

The Vampire Breast Lift works on a similar principle as the Vampire Face Lift. Blood is taken from a patient in the same manner, two teaspoons worth, and spun in the centrifuge. Following this, the PRP is mixed with hyaluronic acid and injected into specific locations in the breasts. This helps to promote collagen production in the areas, thus restoring the shape and volume of the breasts.

The Vampire Breast Lift can make the breasts more visually appealing. It can make them rounder and fuller, lift breasts that have begun to sag, correct nipples that have become inverted due to sagging skin, and increase both breast and nipple sensitivity.

Vampire Facelift

As the name implies, the Vampire Facelift involves the use of the patient’s blood. This procedure, which was developed by Dr. Charles Runels M.D., is noninvasive and works to restore the shape of the face, while also giving patients a brighter skin tone and a smoother complexion.

Like the Vampire Facial, the Facelift only requires two teaspoons of blood.

This procedure has much more in common with filler injections such as Restylane and Juvederm than it does with a routine facelift. The Vampire Facelift is thought to have many advantages over traditional facelifts, partly through its noninvasive nature. The Vampire Facelift improves the skin of the face by promoting the natural production of collagen, making it so that a patient’s improvement is natural. The all-natural serum that is used in the process has no animal byproducts or added components; all that is needed is the patient’s own blood. Because of this, there is little chance of a negative reaction or allergy.

The difference between the Vampire Facial and the Vampire Facelift is the delivery method. While the Facelift uses injections into the skin, the facial is applied as a topical solution, though both options are made strictly from the patient’s blood.

Any patient can benefit from the procedure, though anyone who has gray skin under the eyes resulting from less blood flow or sagging or drooping facial features due to a lack of collagen in the skin will benefit the most. Those who have tired or dull skin textures, fine line, wrinkles, or under-eye hollowness can also benefit from a Vampire Facelift.

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