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Vampire Facial®

A new facial procedure often termed the ‘Vampire Facial’ is being used at Jiva Med Spa
to rejuvenate your facial skin. It uses your own blood cells in a novel way to restore
your face’s skin cells’ color, volume, texture, and elasticity.
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Vampire Facial

Why Vampire Facial?

How would you enjoy a facial treatment that rejuvenated your facial complexion and helped treat common problems such as:

  • • Acne, trauma, chicken pox or other facial scars
  • • Smile lines, wrinkle lines, or other age-related lines
  • • Timeworn textures and a dull or grayish skin tone?

A new facial procedure often termed the ‘Vampire Facial’ is being used at Jiva Med Spa to rejuvenate your facial skin. It uses your own blood cells in a novel way to restore your face’s skin cells’ color, volume, texture, and elasticity.

Vampire Facial

Provides life-changing and positive results
immediately through non-invasive, non-chemical,
and non-surgical procedures.

How Does a Vampire Facial® Work?

By using your blood’s own ability to stimulate your skin’s collagen, your skin will regain a tone, tightness, and color that a much younger skin possesses. This process can be applied not only to the large areas of your facial skin but under your eyes, on your forehead, and any other places where aging has created wrinkles, lines, or other unsightly skin appearance. Some are even using this procedure on the neck area or upper torso and even their hands.

Using only about two teaspoons of blood, drawn from your arm, a process is used to extract platelets via a centrifuge. The platelets extracted are those responsible for collagen growth. After being purified, these platelets are then injected into the areas you desire skin improvements. These areas then are stimulated to produce new collagen, fresh, new, young tissues along with blood vessels in the skin surrounding the injection sites.

While not recommended for those with blood-related conditions, these treatments are usually safe for anyone, since their own blood cells are being used. However, as with any treatment, a consultation with your physician including medical history, expectations, an explanation of the treatment, and what to expect afterward is always in order. Once your physician has approved the procedure, several steps are taken to ensure a positive outcome with minimal safety or risk issues.

The procedure always begins with a thorough cleansing and preparation of the treatment area. The areas that are targeted for treatment will then be marked with a special instrument (similar to a pencil) that guides the physician in the targeted injection sites.

Since your own blood will be used for preparing the injection material, blood will need to be drawn, usually from your arm, and is similar to a blood draw for a regular blood test. The blood is then placed into a centrifuge to isolate the platelets, or PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), from the other components of your blood. A process, specialized for the purpose, is used to activate the PRP into releasing growth factors to increase collagen production once injected back into your body. This also produces other healing effects in addition to the collagen production.

Before re-injecting this PRP back into your body in the target areas, it may be required, or you may request a topical anesthetic to eliminate any discomfort or minor pain resulting from the injections. Once all preparations have been made, the physician begins the injection at the targeted sites, resulting in the activated PRP being back into your body.

Some individuals receive desired results from a single treatment, but often best results are achieved over a series of treatments, usually about three, spaced about one month apart

How Does a Vampire Facial Work?
The activated PRP’s growth and healing factors stimulate the skin’s stem cells. In effect, your skin behaves as though it has been injured and must attempt to heal itself through the production of new skin tissue. The result of this is the production of new collagen, new blood vessels, new cells, and a rejuvenated skin. The process does take some time and patience is the key as your skin ‘heals’ itself over the next few weeks. Whether you receive additional treatments or not, your skin will continue this process for quite some time, often months, and effectively generate a new, younger skin.

Can I Get a Vampire Facial in Ohio?
Although the Vampire Facial is considered a noninvasive technique, not everyone will be an ideal candidate for the procedure. Those in poor health, already suffering from some type of blood disorder, or those on certain medications will either not be eligible for the treatments or they will have to undergo additional screenings or other potential changes before being approved for this type of procedure.

However, since the procedure itself only takes about half an hour and patients are free to resume their lifestyle afterward, it is certainly much more preferable to any type of invasive procedures to alter the effects of aging and improve one’s self-image.

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