As colder months come back around, so do the repeated mantras of “this time I’ll stay in shape and eat right.” With gray skies and freezing temperatures deterring people from going outside, it is easy to fall into a sedentary lifestyle with an unhealthy diet. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a study from the American Psychological Association showed that 42% of Americans gained weight in 2020 at an average of 29 pounds per person. Millions of people worldwide struggle each year with weight gain already, and implementing daily exercise routines and tracking calories may not be sufficient to keep off the weight permanently. However, medical innovations are becoming increasingly common to provide safe treatment options that get to the core of the issue: fat reduction.

What You Need To Know About Fats

In general, all fats are stored in the body’s fat cells, also known as adipocytes. The existing number of these is established during adolescence and determines your metabolism. If you consume more calories beyond the body’s basic needs, the excess energy is stored within these fat reserves, expanding the fat cells and causing weight gain.

That’s not to say that all fat is bad. Cultivating healthier patterns to improve your nutrition are still important, such as frequent workouts, avoiding fast food, and eating lower-calorie meals. Yet certain dietary fats are essential to our body’s needs. According to the

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