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The Difference Between Botox And Fillers
By Joe Murphy

As people age, many seek remedies to treat the impacts of aging on the body. These treatments range from changes in lifestyle and diet, additions to their daily skin regimens, and even surgery. There are benefits to all cosmetic alterations, from holistic to surgical, but an often maligned and forgotten treatment subset includes injectables like Botox and Fillers. The two are not the same but have similar applications and benefits. When consulting with your doctor or cosmetic surgeon, it is worth your while to consider both of these treatments. But first, make sure you know the difference between the two and have studied their benefits and drawbacks.

What is Botox and What are Treatments Like?

Botox has had a bad rap almost since the time it became a readily available treatment, and to those who know anything about the nature of the procedure, this might make sense. Botox is a neurotoxin made of the bacterial strain Clostridium botulinum — more commonly known as botulism. Unlike the potentially deadly reaction to tainted food from dented cans, injecting Clostridium botulinum, or Botox, into the face is entirely safe, as the deadly response only happens when the body digests the toxin.

When Botox is injected into the face via syringe, the same issues that cause the deadly reaction in the digestive tract are what ease wrinkles on an aging face. Botox blocks signals from muscles to their neurotransmitters, and this eases muscle tension in the face, which gives the face a relaxed look and smooths out the wrinkles. Procedures last at most a half an hour does not hurt more than any shot would, and have minimum downtime. Each patient works with their doctor or injectionist to determine the areas of the face they would like treated, usually around and between the eyes and the forehead, and then the treatments are given. Botox injections last up to six months.

What is Filler and What are Treatments Like?

A wrinkle filler is an injectable substance put into wrinkles and other areas on the face to fill out the spaces missing volume and promote youthful, elastic-looking, and plump skin. Contrary to popular belief, not all fillers are synthetic in their makeup. Substances like fat, platelet-rich plasma injections, and collagen injections work with naturally occurring filling substances to provide volume where needed. Sometimes, people choose these as a natural alternative, but these choices are not right for everyone. Hyaluronic acid is often used to promote healthier looking skin as well as filling in the wrinkles of the face. Additionally, an array of synthetic fillers, such as the commonly recognized silicone, also provide volumizing properties.

During a filler treatment, a patient talks with their doctor about the problem areas on the face and then picks what type of treatment they would like as well as the day of the procedure. Fillers are minimally invasive injections in the face, and filler patients are usually able to return to their normal lives almost immediately.

Why Do Some People Choose Botox over Filler and Vice Versa?

Because the makeups of each treatment are so much different from one another, the choice is a truly personal one to make, and there is no way to definitively say that one or the other is better for cosmetic treatments. Cost, preference, and time commitment are often the most cited reasons why people choose one treatment over the other.

What are the Benefits of Botox?

There are multiple benefits behind receiving Botox treatments. Here are some of the most often cited reasons for choosing Botox to help the face regain its youthfulness.

Botox is a non-surgical procedure and is minimally invasive. Many patients seeking treatments for signs of aging in the face do not want to receive surgery of any kind to correct wrinkles, sagging skin, or skin elasticity issues associated with aging. Botox treatments only require injection, which causes minimal and temporary side-effects at the injection site at worst.

Botox is also able to treat non-cosmetic issues, like migraines. For many people, Botox has benefits that extend beyond the cosmetic. Migraine sufferers seek out Botox treatments after 2010 when it was scientifically proven to help reduce the effects of migraines by stopping the chemical connection between the brain and the source of the migraine. Additionally, people with cerebral palsy and other issues that impact the muscles also receive Botox treatment for their ailments. Botox has also been used to treat excessive sweating, enlarged prostate, incontinence issues, and more.
Botox is affordable to a broader population of people. Unlike more invasive procedures and surgeries, Botox injections cost an average of $200, which makes them affordable as well as being widely accessible.

Botox Or Filler

Botox Or Filler

What are the Benefits of Fillers?

Fillers are often chosen over Botox and other surgical procedures for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the more common reasons.

Fillers are not as invasive as traditional plastic surgery corrections. Facelifts, which are the typical way that smoothness is achieved in these treatment areas, cost thousands of dollars and require an extended downtime because of the amount of alteration done to the face. Fillers provide treatment that offers side effects similar to a facelift but without a commitment to any serious surgical procedures.
Typically, fillers last longer than Botox. Fillers and Botox are both lauded for being affordable plastic surgery alternatives, but when it comes to time and money, fillers often end up providing the most satisfying results for the most extended period. The effects of fillers can last up to a year in some cases, providing smooth, youthful skin for a fraction of the cost.
Fillers can also be used to give the face volume. As a person ages, the signature parts of their face (such as cheekbones and chins) can appear to lose their volume. As well as smoothing out wrinkles, fillers can improve the volume of parts of the face, giving it youthful definition.

Both Jiva Med Spa locations offer Botox and filler treatments for their customers. To make an appointment or to schedule a consultation, contact a Jiva Med Spa location today. Columbus customers should call  (614) 421-7546, and Dayton residents should call (937) 705-9430. For more information on their hours and locations, visit our website.