Female sexual pleasure took a backseat in the past, but as more and more women are coming forward about less-than-desirable experiences during sex, including up to 80% of women faking orgasms during penetrative sexual intercourse with a man, science is trying to find solutions to these problems. Luckily, the O-Shot was created and is now available to enhance the sexual lives of women everywhere. Jiva Med Spa offers this shot at our three centers in Ohio.

Treatment Overview

During this procedure, the patient goes in and is prepared for a shot by our medical staff. Pain relievers or local anesthetic might be provided. The procedure itself will feel like a pap smear in certain aspects, and the doctor will prepare your genitals for the shot.

Platelet-rich plasma is taken from your body and injected into a site by the clitoris and another site in the anterior wall of the vagina, which is adjacent to the G-Spot. Although this sounds like it could be painful, Jiva Med Spa goes to many lengths to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible for the entirety of the procedure.

The procedure works by increasing the volume around both these injection sites. Around the clitoris, volume increase makes it easier for the clitoris to become stimulated and therefore increases the possibility of arousal. In the G-Spot area, it increases the size of the area being stimulated internally during intercourse. Together, this makes vaginal intercourse significantly more desirable.

Jiva Med Spa is excited to be a certified Practioneer of this procedure. To educate yourself on all the benefits of the OShot, as well as understand the procedure,please review the video attached, as well as the info at www.oshot.com. We look forward to confirming your appointment, and changing your life!

What Types of Issues Can the O-Shot Treat?

  • Female Sexual Arousal Disorder: One in twenty women experience trouble getting aroused, though they might want to have sex. Often, this is misdiagnosed or written off as low libido. But the difference between this and low libido is the desire to have sex is still there.
  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder: Otherwise known as low desire, and separate from female sexual arousal disorder, this is when people of any gender experience issues wanting to partake in sex. 10% of women have hypoactive sexual arousal disorder.
  • Female Orgasmic Disorder: In this instance, women might have trouble orgasming even if aroused. This impacts one in twenty women.
  • Dyspareunia: This disorder makes sexual intercourse painful, even with lubrication and while not suffering from vaginal spasms. This is even more common, occurring in as many as 1 in 5 women.
  • Ambiguous genitalia issues: less popularly known as “genital mismatch”, For intersex individuals who have issues experiencing orgasm because of issues with their sex organs, the o-shot might help with increased sexual pleasure.

FAQs About the O-Shot

Does the O-Shot Hurt?

The O-Shot hurts as much as any other shot does if you choose not to get anesthesia. On the day of the procedure, you will be given a little more information about the shot and the procedure itself, but you should be aware that like any shot, it could be described as a pinching feeling. At Jiva Med Spa, we do numb the area to lessen any pain felt. We know that this is a sensitive area, and procedural pain is particularly sensitive in those areas. Afterward, you might experience some soreness in the area around the shot, but then you should feel the results of the procedure shortly after that, within a few days.

How Long Does It Take Before I See Results?
As with any procedure, results do vary from patient to patient. However, results have been reported between 3-4 days to 3-4 weeks. The results often include increased sensitivity around the clitoral area and stronger orgasms. In some cases, women who have never orgasmed before report experiencing multiple orgasms during intercourse after the treatment.
What if I Don’t Notice Any Difference?
Patients who do not notice any eventual difference after getting the shot might be candidates for repeat injections. If patients noticed a difference for a while but have noticed a decrease in effects, it might be time to schedule a renewal appointment. The shot is effective for 1-2 years.
Why Choose Jiva Med Spa for the O-Shot?
The O-Shot is meant to revolutionize the sexual experience of women, and helping our clients live their healthiest and most vital lives is part of our goal. Our caring, qualified medical staff at one of our three Ohio locations is ready and willing to help women achieve the sexual pleasure they’ve been missing in their lives.

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