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The Viveve® System – A Patented Algorithmically-Controlled Cooling Technology

At some point during any woman’s life, she may begin to notice vaginal looseness. This can occur for a number of reasons, the most common of which are childbirth, menopause, weight fluctuation, or hormonal shifts.

Vaginal looseness can lead to a variety of problems, including stress incontinence, a decrease in sensation, and a loss of sexual pleasure.

Geneveve, created by Viveve, is a non-surgical option to restore the tightness of the vagina, causing an increase in sexual satisfaction and sensation. It has also been found in some users to help with urinary incontinence.

The device works by applying radio frequency energy to the vagina. This will cause the body to increase the amount of collagen it produces, while also cooling the surface area in order to reduce discomfort. It is commonly recommended that only one treatment session be performed, and this often takes about 30 minutes.

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