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In the new year, we’ll help you prioritize your wellbeing at Jiva with the latest, transformative weight-loss and hormone therapy treatments.

Photo Caption: Optimize your hormonal imbalances, accomplish your weight-loss goals, and remove future obstacles on your health journey with a hormone replacement therapy or semaglutide treatment at Jiva!

Lose Weight, Regain Balance: How To Revitalize Your Body In 2023


It’s only a month into the new year, which is when most of us are struggling to stay motivated to achieve our 2023 resolutions—or we’re just throwing in the towel. How many people have just given up on their exercise routines, diets, or other fitness goals? It’s tough to stay committed, especially when your mood and motivation may be experiencing hormonal fluctuations that impact your weight. Random problems that disrupt your routine or the stressful everyday obstacles of life can make progress seem impossible. But what if there was a simple solution to help extract you from this “all-time low” mentality, so you could focus on your diet & exercise goals, all the while maintaining a positive attitude?


Correcting Hormonal Imbalance

When there is too much of one hormone and too little of another in the circulatory system, the hormonal imbalance creates a variety of symptoms that can negatively impact the body. If you’re uncharacteristically grumpy, anxious, fatigued, or noticing weight gain in your daily life, you may be experiencing the side effects of irregular hormone levels. This unbalanced state develops for many reasons, such as pregnancy and giving birth, certain medical conditions, or menopause and andropause. Overall, it frequently happens in tandem with aging! But with increased stress, mood swings, and poor sleeping habits often comes weight gain and loss in muscle mass. Luckily, there’s an easy way to fix hormonal imbalances to restore your motivation, energy, and get you back on track toward your weight-loss goals!


What’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

The most common method to rebalance the body’s natural hormone levels is with a treatment called bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), an FDA-approved procedure. This methodology uses man-made hormones engineered from plants that almost perfectly imitate the molecular structure of hormones occurring naturally in the human body. BHRT can be administered in several forms such as temporary skin patches, oral prescriptions, topical gels and creams, or tiny pellet implants.

Proper treatment will combat any lingering symptoms and restore balance to the patient’s hormone levels for increased energy and resilience. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy not only helps you stay fit and maintain a healthy weight, but it improves other aspects of your life such as:

– Sharpens cognitive function & brain development

– Improving libido & sexual desire

– Boosting immune response, cardiovascular strength, & bone density

– Superior quality of sleep & minimized fatigue

– Stabilizes mood swings


Hormone Replacement Therapy At Jiva

Jiva Med Spa is a certified provider of Biote hormone pellet therapy, one of the top-favored treatment methods used by medical professionals to fix hormonal imbalances. Biote has the highest-performing BHRT technique backed by their meticulous lab training, reliable clinical testing, and impressive record of over 2.5 million successful pellet insertions. With hormone pellet therapy, patients don’t have to remember to take medication at certain times of day; instead, a small area around the fleshy upper thigh or buttocks is numbed for the insertion of a tiny capsule. After this minimally invasive procedure, the bioidentical hormones begin to dissolve evenly into the bloodstream until the body absorbs the capsule completely.

Once you decide to move forward with Biote hormone pellet therapy at Jiva, we’ll run extensive lab work and take multiple blood samples over the next couple of days to determine your precise hormone levels. If you are a good candidate for treatment, our Medical Director, Dr. Nanda, will begin customizing your BHRT session to match your personal test results. A designated area receives anesthetic to numb the skin, and then the pellet is inserted. The entire procedure takes an average of 5-10 minutes and patients are usually able to resume normal activities immediately afterwards.

Although symptoms noticeably decrease within the first few weeks of treatment, results differ from person to person. The hormones are released in consistent increments over the next couple of months, with results typically lasting 3-4 months for women and 5-7 months for men. As an experienced Biote mentor who gives training to other practitioners all over the country, Dr. Nanda has years of experience helping thousands of patients revitalize their lives and achieve their wellness goals.


Why Am I Still Struggling To Lose Weight?

Improving fitness habits, daily nutrition, and receiving BHRT treatments are all fantastic ways to be proactive about your health and shed more weight. However, for many adults with insulin and glucose related conditions, losing weight is a more complex endeavor. It’s vital to monitor insulin levels to see if the body shows signs of any insulin resistance. If the insulin is elevated, but the glucose is still normal, this can be the key reason behind your excessive weight gain. Our professionals at Jiva Med Spa will help you create a way to supplement your exercise regimens, diet, and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) treatments to ultimately meet your 2023 weight-loss resolutions. Our solution? The latest FDA-approved weight-loss medication, semaglutide.


What Is Semaglutide & How Does It Work?

Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide (GLP) agonist, a medication that creates a biological response to help the body produce more insulin. This extra insulin reverses any issues with insulin resistance and lowers blood sugar levels, allowing patients to lose body fat with greater ease! Although there are a few different types of medication, at Jiva Med Spa, we prescribe a weekly semaglutide injection that imitates the natural metabolic hormones produced by the gut, pancreas, and nervous system. This will reduce the speed of digestion, so the stomach feels full for longer, while regulating food intake so patients will eat fewer calories each day but still feel full and satisfied.

Semaglutide treatments are an effective way to curb the appetite and lower daily calorie consumption for consistent weight loss and fat reduction. Additionally, the treatment is frequently used to increase insulin secretion, regulate blood sugar levels, and better maintain glycemic control – helping treat the root cause of insulin issues in adults with high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, and other high-risk health conditions.


Benefits of Semaglutide At Jiva

Semaglutide is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that works 24/7 to decrease your appetite and gradually reduce weight each week. Our semaglutide program is always personally administered by our Medical Director, Dr. Nanda, to ensure the highest level of care, safety, and patient comfort. At Jiva Med Spa, our semaglutide treatment sessions have additional advantages:

InBody 570 technology: We use a specialized scale called InBody 570 that takes detailed, accurate measurements of the patient’s muscle mass, body fat, and total body water. The data is then used to formulate precise, individually tailored semaglutide dosages for the greatest effectiveness.

Quick, convenient sessions: Our semaglutide treatments are extremely low-maintenance—they can be taken once a week, at any time of day, with or without food! At Jiva, the semaglutide procedure takes only 5-10 minutes, so you can return to your daily routine right away with very little downtime necessary. Plus, patients report an average weight loss of 3-8 lbs per week!*

Reducing side effects: New semaglutide medications react differently in the body, causing temporary side effects that vary person to person. With the patient’s permission, we proactively combat potential symptoms with a special combination of B12 vitamins and lipo-mino treatments.

*Results may vary.

Get started on your weight-loss journey by pairing HRT sessions with semaglutide injections, two very complementary procedures at Jiva Med Spa. If you’re anxious about treatment, or finding which one is more suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to schedule a FREE consultation at ou Columbus (614-421-7546), Dayton (937-705-9430), or Cincinnati (513-834-1770) med spa locations.

Together, we’ll discuss how Jiva Med Spa can safely help you reach your weight loss goals through physician monitoring, extensive lab work, and the safest in-office approaches. Our team is looking forward to helping you conquer your weight loss struggles so you can achieve your dream body in 2023. This is truly the year that is going to be about YOU!