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Kangen Water Systems

In the United States, nearly one-fifth of the population drinks contaminated water. This contaminated water is made up of air pollution, hard minerals, and chemical treatments. Contamination from these pollutants is not just unpleasant, but can lead to serious short and long term health problems. As far as the vitality of the body goes, this means serious, long-term impacts on the body’s functions and its looks.

A great filtration system is what the body needs to truly stay hydrated, and that hydration system is available with the Kangen filtration system.

The Problem with Drinking Water

The body needs water to function. After all, it is made up of nearly 70% water. But when the purpose of hydration is in part to flush toxins from the body, putting more toxins in via municipal tap water or contaminated well water is not the answer. Bottled water can be just as dangerous as the plastic containers can leach chemicals, bacteria, and arsenic into the water before the consumer purchases it.

How Kangen is Different?

Kangen has been in the business of hydration for over 40 years and has come up with a unique and revolutionary system for hydrating a body. Japan, a country marked first in the world for the longevity of life, utilizes the Kangen system for its hydration in hospitals, businesses, and homes across the country. From a machine that is only the size of a coffee maker comes pH-balanced, electrolyzed-reduced water that is mineral rich and full of skin-protecting antioxidants.

Filtering out chemicals like chlorine and producing active hydrogen, this water mimics the molecular structure of the “healing water” found in German, Indian, French, and Mexican springs. Micro-clustering water molecules formed during the filtration process allow greater penetration of water molecules, which in turn increases the intake of water throughout the body.

This water also contains oxidation-reduction potential (ORP),, which is the ability for a substance to pull contaminants away from healthy cells in the body. Negative ORP is better, and the Kangen system produces water as high as -800 ORP. For comparison, healthy foods like cod liver oil and oranges only reach between -200 to -50 -ORP, whereas drinks like Starbucks coffee, Pepsi, and even bottled waters like Dasani are between 175-450 +ORP, which leads to cellular degeneration and aging.

The Problems of Chronic Dehydration

When the body isn’t getting pure water, it isn’t getting the hydration that it needs. A simple intake of a few glasses of water per day will not amount to anything when it means that the body is fighting off new toxins. In this way, even someone who drinks the recommended daily amounts of water might run the risk of staying in a state of dehydration. When the body is in a constant state of dehydration, it runs the risk of:

    • Acid/Alkaline Imbalance: When not enough water is consumed, the body is unable to flush acidic waste.

Constipation: During digestion, the colon will remove water from waste to keep the body hydrated, causing constipation.

  • Digestive Disorders
  • Fatigue: Cellular respiration and enzyme production slows with dehydration, making it easier for the body to tire.
  • High Blood Pressure: Because the blood thickens and is harder to move when the body is dehydrated, blood pressure is higher.
  • High Cholesterol: The body’s cholesterol is increased if the body is hydrated, as this cholesterol is created to lubricate the blood vessels.
  • Joint Problems: Without proper hydration, there is no lubrication present around the joints, which causes pain.
  • Liver Function Problems: Because the body urinates less when it is dehydrated, this can lead to a buildup of toxins in the liver.
  • Premature Aging: The stress caused by lack of proper hydration causes the body to age more quickly.
  • Respiratory Problems: When the body is not hydrated, it cannot clear mucus, which in turn can trigger a variety of respiratory symptoms.
  • Skin Issues: Itchiness, dry skin, and rashes are all symptoms of poor hydration.
  • Urinary Tract Problems: Toxins and other irritants are consistently flushed from the body when it is receiving enough water.
  • Weight Gain: Absence of water in the diet promotes overeating and water weight retention.

Jiva Med Spa is dedicated to fighting the effects of aging on the skin and increasing the vitality and longevity of our patients. We use the Kangen systems in our office, and we are positive that you will see the difference if you use one at home. For more information, or to purchase a Kangen water filtration system, contact Jiva Med Spa at 614-421-7546 for more information.