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Each year, millions of Americans experience hair loss. This experience is not limited by gender, either. In the male population, it is estimated that as much as 32% of the nation’s male population will experience the impacts of thinning hair. That rate only gets higher, and by their fifties, almost 85% of men will have noticed some form of hair loss. While hair loss is commonly thought of as a male problem, women also experience hair loss and often face higher social stigmas because of it. In reality, the percentage of hair loss sufferers who aren’t male is as large as 40%.

In the past, hair loss was covered up with unnatural looking wigs and toupees that cost a fortune and left wearers limited in their hairstyling options. With advances in science and technology, it is now possible for hair loss to be surgically corrected and provide those with baldness symptoms natural, growing relief. The NeoGraft procedure is one of those remedies — a removal and implantation surgery that allows for minimal scarring and a better chance of hair survival. This procedure is available at Jiva Med Spa’s multiple locations.

What Causes Hair Loss?

The causes of hair loss are not one and the same. Young people and children with a healthy, thick head of hair can experience hair loss due to medication, psoriasis, and medical conditions like alopecia or hyperthyroidism. Typically, these hair loss reasons are preventable and or treatable, and natural hair comes back over time. However, for those who experience adult hair loss and male-pattern baldness, permanent loss of hair can be devastating.

In men, the majority of hair loss is due to male-pattern baldness. In this condition, hair follicles that are sensitive to dihydrotestosterone begin to weaken, close up, and become smaller, which is what causes the hair loss. Unfortunately, this type of baldness is genetically inherited, so there currently is no cure for it other than hair implants.

Male-pattern baldness is not limited to males, however. Although not as common as male-pattern baldness, female-pattern baldness works in the same way. However, in addition to MPH, women also commonly experience baldness from hormone fluctuations, stress, and hormonal medications like oral birth control.

Because these genetic inheritances impact millions of people, significant strides have been made in the hair loss treatment world. Non-surgical hair loss remedies, like hairpieces, have become so convincing that even celebrities often use them flawlessly. However, more permanent solutions involve the ever-growing world of hair science, like the NeoGraft procedure.

What is the NeoGraft Procedure?

The NeoGraft procedure is a hair transportation procedure which involves the removal of healthy hair follicles from below the crown of the head and their implantation on the top of the head. Each follicular unit is individually removed and separated by size. From this step, they are trimmed, sorted, and made into grafts. When this process is complete, surgeons create a grafting site in chosen balding areas. This is done by creating follicular graft sites with surgical tools, but the process itself is actually minimally invasive. Once this is done, then each follicular unit is then implanted into the recipient site. Attention is paid to the angling of sites during the last two processes. Without this attention, hair looks unnatural, and it is just this attention to detail that has brought the NeoGraft process such optimal results.

The NeoGraft procedure is the same regardless of gender and has been successfully utilized by over 100,000 recipients of all genders.

What to Expect

There are a few prior steps to the actual procedure. At Jiva Med Spa’s various locations, the process looks like this:

  • The patient chooses their doctor and receives their consultation. They should expect to let their doctor know a little about their hair loss and family history as well as be ready to receive a physical that rules out any other hair loss cause.
  • Prior to the procedure itself, patients must obtain a short haircut in the site of their grafting procedure. This is regardless of gender, which means women with long hair who undergo surgery must be prepared for this. Short haircuts will allow surgeons to better operate and see how your hair follicles slant.
  • The actual surgery can take between three to eight hours, and this includes extraction as well as implantation. Actual length is determined on the size and complexity of the graft site.
  • Surgery is done with the patient awake but the area anesthetized. During donor harvesting, the patient lays down for 2-4 hours while follicles are removed. In between harvesting is a break where the doctor sorts out the harvested follicular units and the patient may stretch their legs, eat food, drink water, or use the restroom.
  • The head is still anesthetized when implantation happens, and patients can expect to be in the office another 2-4 hours while follicles are implanted to the recipient site.

Care after the procedure is fairly easy. At first, the implants will look raised and unnatural — this is common and should not raise any concern. Some slight soreness or discomfort might persist the first week, and patients must take extra care in showering and exposure to sunlight. Your doctor will go over all follow-ups with you.

The Science Behind the Procedure

Unlike many other procedures, the NeoGraft procedure utilizes specific donor sites for the extraction and implantation of hair. Behind the ears, at the nape of the neck, and places below the crown of your head all house testosterone-resistant hair, which is why so many with male-pattern baldness still have hair in these regions. Removing hair follicles from these places and implanting them in places on the head that have experienced hair loss allows for natural looking hair that resists future loss due to its very nature.

Jiva Med Spa helps our customers live their best lives with our variety of aesthetic surgery options. NeoGraft procedures are available at our various sites, including Jiva Med Spa in Beaver Creek and Grandview Heights in Columbus. To make an appointment, or for more information, contact us.