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Are you experiencing a lack of energy or motivation? Your natural hormones could be imbalanced and in need of replenishment. At Jiva Med Spa, we work alongside leading innovators in the field of bioidentical hormone therapy to restore your strength and enhance your overall well-being.

Photo Caption: Hormone replacement therapy can combat adverse effects of imbalances to naturally restore your energy, boost your mood, and rekindle your lust for life!​

Energize Yourself: Restoring Your Vitality with Hormone Therapy


Life can be exhausting. Each day brings new hurdles, painstaking activities, and irritating last-minute problems that crop up to throw off your entire day. Or is that just a mindset?  Although aging is inevitable, our minds and body can radiate positivity. Having trouble finding motivation, mood swings, and general pessimism may be rooted in a deeper issue of hormone imbalance.

Luckily, there are methods to fix this. When hormones are out of balance, symptoms can manifest. Further research in the medical field points toward safe hormone replacement therapy options. These increasingly popular treatments ensure patients’ hormone levels stay balanced and healthy.


Am I Experiencing Hormone Imbalance Symptoms?

Many people may not realize when they are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance. This occurs when there is too much or little of a certain hormone present in someone’s circulatory system. Men and women can experience different hormone imbalance symptoms but there is often some overlap. The following is a list of typical indicators:

  • Irritability, mood swings
  • Poor quality of sleep
  • Weight gain and loss in muscle mass
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Anxiety, stress
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog

There are many causes of this imbalance, but typically they occur naturally as the body ages, through processes such as menopause and andropause. Known health conditions like diabetes, hypoglycemia, or thyroid issues can also contribute to this discrepancy. However, according to Chapel Hill Gynecology, other various causes can be attributed to the effects of certain birth control prescriptions, malnutrition, unhealthy eating habits, or chronic stress.


What Are Hormones?

Our hormones are extremely powerful and control many of the body’s functions. Medline Plus calls them the “chemical messengers” of the body, as they are secreted into the bloodstream from various endocrine glands to send signals that instruct tissues all over the body how to function. Some of these important functions include:

  • Growth and development
  • Breakdown of food (metabolism)
  • Reproductive health/function
  • Mood
  • Internal body temperature and thirst regulation


What’s Different About Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses bioidentical hormones, which the Cleveland Clinic defines as “man-made hormones similar to those produced by the human body.” The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved numerous variants of bioidentical hormones, which are engineered from plants to create an identical structure of the natural hormone on the molecular level. Therapy can be administered in several forms such as temporary skin patches, pills, topical gels and creams, or small implants. For example, Biote is one of the leading pioneers of BHRT pellet therapy, which is a quick procedure with longer-lasting results.

Although not as mainstream, there are other hormone therapy alternatives, such as utilizing hormones from species other than plants, or synthetic hormones, which are commonly found in birth control prescriptions.


What is BHRT Pellet Therapy?

Pellet therapy is the most preferred HRT method amongst most medical professionals. Unlike with oral prescriptions or patches, it eliminates “user error,” such as forgetting to take pills. Additionally, it optimizes your hormone levels safely while being minimally intrusive to the patient. A small area around the fleshy upper thigh or bottom is numbed for the insertion of a pellet where, once implanted, it will dissolve steadily until the body absorbs it completely, leaving nothing behind.

With this method, the hormones are introduced at more consistent increments, while lasting longer over several months. With over 2 million pellet insertions in their company’s history, Biote has the most reliable, highest-performing technique backed by their extensive lab work which enables individually customized doses. Because of this, their pellets are unavailable for casual, over-the-counter purchases; instead, they are exclusively found at Certified Biote Provider locations, such as Jiva Med Spa.


Where Can I Receive Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Undergoing a change to fix hormone balance can be a daunting process without all the right tools and information. Jiva Med Spa offers the best, highly specialized Hormone Pellet Therapy procedure in Ohio through our partnership with Biote. Although the process requires bloodwork to be done pre-procedure, these results come back quickly within three days to see if you are a good candidate for receiving pellet treatment. With the expertise of Jiva Med Spa’s Medical Director, Dr. Nanda, the insertion process is quick (around 5 minutes) and painless, with results lasting 3-4 months for women and 5-7 months for men.

It is likely you’ll feel some side effects after the first dose since your body is adjusting to new levels of hormones. However, in as little as one week you can start to experience improvements in quality of sleep, sex drive, mood, memory, and higher motivation in your day-to-day life!


Why BHRT is a Game-Changer

Jiva Med Spa highly recommends this treatment for those wanting to feel invigorated and empowered to live their life. If you are unsure about the procedure, schedule a free consultation with us at our Columbus (614-421-7546), Dayton (937-705-9430), or Cincinnati (513-834-1770) locations.  Our team of professionals will happily assist you to develop a plan that works best for you!

Take Advantage Of This Deal!

EXCLUSIVE BLOG OFFER:  Jiva Med Spa is hosting a special event with Biote on Thursday, October 21 to discuss the benefits of receiving Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. This is a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the procedure.

First-time pellet patients who attend this event can receive lab draws for $99 as well as 10% off their first pellet treatment.