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Tattoo removal is a growing industry. More and more people have tattoos and are therefore getting tattoos removed. A quick night out, a few drinks, a smiling mention of getting a tattoo. BAM you suddenly have some ink for life. Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, maybe after a time it just isn’t you. Well, now it is time to get it removed, do not worry you are not alone. Here are five reasons people decide to get rid of those old tattoos.

These reasons were gleaned from a WebMD study located here: http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/news/20080721/removing-tattoos-who-does-it-and-why

  1. Visible.
    Well, you didn’t think about it, but maybe that Juggalo doesn’t look so good on your forehead. (hahaha) Just kidding, maybe it’s on your forearm or hand. Looking for a job or your current job just doesn’t make you look that professional. Visibility is one of the main reasons people have tattoo removal done.
  2. Stigma.
    Believe it or not, having a lot of tattoos gives you a lot of social stigmas. Once you are sleeved up, your friends might think you are great, but to a large number of people, you just look like you got out of prison. Social stigma is another big reason for tattoo removal.
  3. Body Image.
    Tattoos make you look cool right? Well everyone seems to think so. Many people get tattoos just for this reason, and when they find out that the tattoo doesn’t make them look any better they want to get the tattoo removed.
  4. Lifestyle.
    You liked to party it up as a youth, but now that you are older you go to church every Sunday. Maybe that Slayer tattoo on your neck doesn’t quite go with your new flow. Tattoo removal because of lifestyle changes is a huge portion of why people get tattoos removed.
  5. Just NOPE.
    Believe it or not, the biggest reason from the WebMD study that people get tattoos removed is because they just do not want them anymore. Maybe you do not want a permanent photo on your butt. Maybe you do not want your favorite band from 30 years ago (that broke up) on your hand. Maybe you just don’t even like tattoos. NOPE is the biggest reason for tattoo removal.

No matter what the reason, as stated above tattoo removal, especially in Columbus, Ohio, is a growing industry. Jiva Med Spa can help with all your tattoo removal needs. Check out our page featuring our PicoSure laser and more info about tattoo removal in Columbus, Ohio. You can also call 614-421-7546 for more information on tattoo removal.