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5 DIY Facial Scrubs
By Joe Murphy

5 DIY Facial Scrubs

5 DIY Facial Scrubs


Exfoliating is a crucial part of any well-rounded skin routine. The practice removes dead skin that causes dullness and texture issues, revealing more vital, glowing skin beneath that dead top layer. It also allows for other products (from moisturizers to serums) to be absorbed more thoroughly, since there is no unresponsive layer left at the surface of the skin. If you like to know exactly what goes into your skin care products, making some DIY facial scrubs might be a great option for you to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. This is a particularly good option for those who are crafty. If you think you might be interested in creating your own facial scrubs, here are 5 simple recipes for facial scrubs you can make at home.

  1. Oat Scrub

It doesn’t get much simpler than this exfoliant: all you need to make it are old fashioned oats and water. You will want to start by grinding up the oats in a blender or food processor of some sort until they’re broken down to a course, grainy powder, then add water until the oats begin to form into a paste that can be spread easily across the skin. You can then massage the mixture into your facial area, and even spread onto your neck if necessary. Ground oats are a gentle exfoliant, so they won’t leave your face feeling raw, but they might not exfoliate every speck of dry skin. This concoction is great for a natural way to treat yourself when your skin is not in need of too much TLC.

  1. Honey and Sugar

If you ask your grandmother, she may be able to tell you that honey has long been understood to enhance skin in a number of ways. It is effective at moisturizing, fading scars, and brightening skin, so it’s no wonder that it’s an insider favorite—even if it is a little messy. Sugar is a particularly effective exfoliant because it is a very fine, grainy texture that can catch all texture imperfections on the skin’s surface. Honey provides a great adhesive to hold the sugar together for ease of spreading and massaging on the skin. The two ingredients should be mixed together in relatively even proportions and spread carefully on the skin; too rough an application will cause the skin to get irritated. Once washed off, you’ll enjoy a smooth and bright complexion.

  1. Coffee and Oil

If you love a strong cup of coffee in the morning, chances are you’ll love this scrub too. Coffee helps plump skin by stimulating it with caffeine, making it appear firmer and more glowing. Like sugar, coffee’s fine texture works its way into every nook to catch all the fine, dead skin. Oil serves as a binding agent to hold the coffee grounds together, and you can use a rich, moisturizing oil like olive or avocado oil. Mix together a small amount of both the coffee grounds and oil in equal proportions, then massage onto the face. This scrub is not as harsh as the sugar scrub, as coffee is not quite so hard, so you won’t have as much concern over irritation. After massaging and rinsing, your skin will feel more invigorated in addition to having a smoother texture.

  1. Baking Soda and Water

Baking soda is well known for its ability to help dry out acne, so this scrub is especially good for those who struggle with oily skin or persistent acne. Because it is also fine, Baking Soda’s skin care properties extend beyond acne remedy to exfoliation. Baking Soda is much finer than the other exfoliating substances discussed here, it won’t work as well at erasing larger patches of dry skin, but it will thoroughly smooth out smaller areas. So if you have a few problem areas in your T zone, like around your nose or forehead that become a little scaly while still maintaining a high oil concentration, this fix could work well for you. You simply mix a small amount of baking soda and water into a paste and massage it into areas that could use a little exfoliating as well as a little help drying out.

  1. Egg Whites and Sugar

It is hard to find a better natural exfoliant than sugar; it’s small grains are the perfect comprehensive exfoliant. With that in mind, here is another sugar-based exfoliant; this one utilizes egg whites as the means to bind the grains of sugar together. Like honey, egg whites are full of nutrients that feed the skin and help restore its natural strength and luster; this comes as no surprise to those with a large body of dietary knowledge as egg whites are a healthy breakfast option as well as a useful skincare substance. However, egg whites are much less sticky at application than honey, so be sure to add more sugar to this mixture or it may not bind together. If you let the egg whites dry on your skin, they’ll become sticky and flaky, so try to rinse this scrub off relatively quickly after application.

Everyone ought to take a little time for themselves when they are feeling depleted. DIY scrubs like these are a simple and fun form of self-care for those who like creating their own natural remedies, and they serve as a great way to keep skin texture in good shape between professional treatments if you make appointments regularly. Of course, it is hard to mimic professional skin care results at home, so whenever you are ready to take a break from administering your own skin care remedies, let us do the work and deliver the results you’re really after.