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Electrolysis at Jiva Med Spa!

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal treatment, and it uses electricity to permanently destroy individual hair follicles and prevent future growth.

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In every 15-minute session, we
can permanently remove up
to 30 individual hairs on your
face and/or body!

How It Works

Electrolysis permanently removes unwanted hair on the face and/or body. The procedure works by inserting a very fine and thin needle into individual hair follicles and deploying an electric current to permanently destroy the follicle during its growth phase.

Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that’s approved by the FDA and American Medical Association to permanently remove and prevent future hair growth. Since electrolysis targets individual hairs, it’s most effective on small areas of the body, such as the face and neck.

Electrolysis has an advantage over traditional laser hair reduction treatments in that it’s effective on all skin colors and hair types, even white, grey, and red hair, which traditional laser hair reduction machines aren’t always as successful at targeting and treating.

  • Permanently
    eliminates hair growth

  • Works on all hair
    colors and skin types

  • Targets individual
    follicles for precise

  • Best for small areas, like
    the face and neck

  • Destroys the growth
    center of each follicle

  • Does not require future
    maintenance treatments

At Jiva Med Spa, we use multi-polar electrolysis machines, so we can treat any skin color – light or dark, and any hair color – light or dark. Typically, the total cost of electrolysis depends on the area of the body you want to treat and the total number of follicles that we ultimately destroy. During your free electrolysis consultation, we’ll discuss your personal goals, develop a unique treatment plan, and provide you with an accurate price quote.

Watch Cassie – A Jiva Med Spa Electrologist – Explain The Hair Removal Procedure!

“It’s super simple. I take a tiny needle like the size of a hair and insert it into the follicle, and I use radio frequency energy to kill the blood supply. If I pull the hair out and it’s a straight hair, another hair will come back in. But if it’s just a bulb, then it’s dead and you don’t need to worry about it anymore… basically you’re electrocuting the hair, frying it, and killing it off.”
– Cassie, Jiva Med Spa

Results That Speak For Themselves

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    After 7 Days
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*NOTE: Not Jiva Med Spa patients. Individual results may vary. Before / after pics from Mishael’s Electrolysis Center, LLC.

I Couldn’t Be Happier That I Did Electrolysis!

I’d always had some dark hairs on my neck, and sideburns that grew a little too low, so I began shaving in my teens. Eventually, laser became affordable and I was excited to give it a shot. HOWEVER! After laser, the number of hairs on my neck seemingly exploded. Then I looked into electrolysis. I couldn’t be happier that I did! The process is somewhat slow… but once you reach clearance of the area, it’s so manageable. And eventually, you’ve successfully killed off the follicles and only need an appointment when some latent hair pops up.

More Than Worth The Money.

I have PCOS that caused heavy hair growth on my chin and neck. I chose electrolysis… after reading reviews and a consultation. I went faithfully every week for about 8 months, then gradually began reducing to biweekly, and every three weeks. Now I go monthly, and we have to search for hair, but I like the security of being vigilant. The hair has not come back and my skin looks great. It was a tedious process, but I fully committed to it and the results were such a confidence boost. It has been more than worth the money.

Totally Hooked On Electrolysis!

Super excited! My results are superb! My facial hair is visibly thinner. Thank god… summer’s here and I was dreading walking around in public or even going on dates with that annoying fuzz. I will soon be venturing to my arms and stomach area. I can’t wait to be completely hair-free. Totally hooked on electrolysis!

I Cannot Recommend Electrolysis Enough!

Before electrolysis I had 10 sessions of laser which did nothing, no signs of hair removal. I tried multiple clinics and they tried multiple sessions but not one “professional” tweezed a hair out to find out I have white roots. (My hairs are ash blonde/grey looking… so laser will never work.) I am pleased to say that this experience has been a positive one and I can’t recommend this treatment enough for those who can’t have laser. I am doing my bikini line next so hopefully I have the same positive experience.

My Eyebrows Look Sharp!

Just had my second treatment. My eyebrows look sharp! I’m right now in the process of getting electrolysis on my eyebrows. The plan is to go once a week for a half-hour session… My hair is very thick, and my eyebrows are on the bushy side. I need to let my eyebrows grow out so the electrologist can see the hairs, but after my appointments, it always looks like a fresh wax. I can’t speak to the permanence, yet, since I have only had a couple of treatments, but the process is very tolerable.

No More Tweezing Or Waxing Ever!

Electrolysis on my eyebrows was an excellent decision – no more tweezing or waxing ever. My eyebrows no longer have unibrow and are permanently well shaped. I had a large gap in the middle of one brow due to a scar and the electrologist was able to find a great shape and match the other brow perfectly. I will no longer have unmatched or asymmetrical brows!

I Believe That Electrolysis Is Superior To Laser.

If you need hair removed in small places or the hair is sparse, I believe that electrolysis is superior to laser. Laser is good for large areas where there is a great deal of hair to remove… it will zap a bunch at once. It is not as good on small areas with sparse hairs. In this situation, electrolysis is preferable. Also, I believe that laser has more scarring potential. A friend tells me she got laser hair removal on her face for some stray hairs and was left with very slight scarring that only she notices. Still, it’s the face, so I would rather use electrolysis and feel comfortable that I will not scar.

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done For Myself.

I had electrolysis on my chin 20 years ago when I developed an excess hair problem after the birth of my son. It was absolutely the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I am still hair-free today. It was VERY cost effective and the treatments were very comfortable for me. I also learned that when the follicle is sealed up with electrolysis that the sebaceous (oil) gland is too since it is found inside the follicle, and I know longer have oily skin or acne as a result of this positive side effect. I would absolutely recommend electrolysis to anyone.

*Reviews from RealSelf.com. Reviews have been edited for length and clarity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electrolysis

  • What’s The Difference Between Laser Hair Reduction And Electrolysis?

    Laser hair reduction works by delivering highly concentrated pulses of light into hair follicles, which damages the follicle struc...ture to reduce future hair growth. The treatment works best on people with dark hair and light skin, since it relies on the detection of hair pigment within the skin’s follicles. On the other hand, electrolysis works by inserting a very fine needle – thinner than a single strand of hair – into each individual hair follicle, and then sending an electric current through it. The doctor then plucks the hair out with tweezers, never to grow again.

  • Which Is More Popular, Laser Hair Reduction Or Electrolysis?

    Although electrolysis is technically the only permanent hair removal solution, it’s not as popular as laser hair removal since i...t’s generally most effective on small areas of the body with sparse hair, such as the face or neck. While it’s medically possible to perform electrolysis on larger areas, such as the legs, it would be very time-consuming and would most likely require 20+ sessions over number of months or years. However, electrolysis has an advantage over laser hair removal in that it’s effective on all skin and hair colors, even white, grey, and red hair, which traditional laser hair removal machines aren’t always as successful at treating.

  • Does Electrolysis Hair Removal Hurt?

    An electrolysis device uses chemical or heat energy to destroy the growth center of individual hair follicles, and then the electr...ologist plucks the hair out with tweezers. For most people, the procedure is not intolerable. Some describe the sensation as a rubber band being slapped against the skin. At Jiva Med Spa, we will do everything we can to make your electrolysis sessions as comfortable as possible. If you’re worried about your pain tolerance, we can numb the treatment area with an anesthetic cream, and we recommend that you take an OTC pain killer before your appointment. No method of professional hair removal is ever totally pain-free, but the permanent rewards are definitely worth it!

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