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Priapus Shot®

PRFM for the Penis: The Priapus Shot® (P-Shot®)

Sexual health is a cornerstone of overall health, and people of all ages and genders experience issues related to their sexual health. Decreased sexual activity often comes with a slew of side effects, such as depression, anxiety, inability to focus throughout the day, and an increased chance of heart issues. However, there is a treatment available that addresses the issues associated with the size, shape, and sexual issues of the penis. That shot is the Priapus shot.

Treatment Overview

The Priapus shot is exactly what it sounds like – a shot administered to the penis with the intent to shape and size the penis according to the desires and needs of the patient. Results do vary, and it is best to consult with your personal physician prior to taking the shot to make sure that you are healthy enough to receive it.

Additionally, you will start with a consultation about your sexual problems and what you wish your penis to look like before you receive the shot. This will help the doctor determine where to inject the shot.

On the day of the treatment, you will come to Great Skin Ohio and your penis will be prepared for the shot. This includes receiving a numbing agent at the point of injection.

Then, blood will be drawn from your arm and the plasma platelets extracted. These platelets will be injected at the sites predetermined by you and the administering doctor. By injecting plasma into these sites, it increases the size around the injection, which promotes both blood flow and enhances the shape and function of the penis.

What are the Benefits of the Priapus Shot?

  • Injections are painless. Because we numb the area of injection, you experience no pain during the process and minimal after the local anesthetic wears off.
  • The shot can be used to shape your penis in the way you like. Many times, this enhances the effect of the shot itself because it increases self-esteem and therefore the way that you perform during intercourse.
  • There is no lumpiness associated with the procedure. Your penis looks natural before, during, and after the procedure, guaranteed.
  • There is no chance for reactions to the plasma because you are using your own plasma. Whereas treatments with donated plasma can have varying results (and at worst can cause a reaction), the use of your own plasma prevents any bad reactions.
  • Has been studied and proven to work. There is no guesswork with this procedure. If you receive it, it will work.
  • Works well in conjunction with other performance therapies. If you use Cialis or Viagra to increase your sexual performance, you will still be able to use these drugs after receiving the shot.

FAQs About the O-Shot

Does the Priapus Shot Hurt?

At Jiva Med Spa, we always treat the patient with a numbing topical agent prior to administering the shot. We realize that sensitive areas are often come with the connotation of increased pain, and to mitigate both the physical and the psychological stress of the patient we use lidocaine to numb sensitive areas in all our treatments.

Are There Any Benefits for My Partner?
In addition to the numerous benefits reported by patients who receive the Priapus shot, their partners also experience the effects of the shot. Many report increased pleasure from the difference in size, shape, and firmness of the penis during intercourse. In this way, it might be said that both the patient and their partners benefit from the Priapus shot.
Why Choose Jiva Med Spa for the Priapus Shot?

Jiva Med Spa in Columbus & Dayton all share in one core value – making the lives of our customers more vital and enjoyable. Our advanced, licensed medical staff are passionate about this value and in their pursuit of advancements in the medical career. We make sure that you are ready for all procedures, including the Priapus shot, and follow up with you after your procedure to make sure that you are seeing the results you were hoping for.

When you receive the Priapus shot at one of our three locations, you are committing yourself to a vital, healthy life from the inside out.