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Most of the time when people think of a massage they think of luxurious
pampering. It has actually been shown that there are many health benefits to
getting a massage.
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Massage Is Medicine

The health benefits of massages include, for example, an improved immune system in women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and increase in the grip strength of those that have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome.

60 min or 90 min

Prenatal Massage

At Jiva Med Spa, we have prenatal massages available that are sixty minutes in length and cost $50. With this treatment, you will receive temporary relief from the discomforts of pregnancy and improve your well-being. You will have body pillows available to you so that you can be as comfortable as possible during your visit. Studies have shown that these massages can actually reduce anxiety and depression as well as reduce muscle aches and pain in your joints. You may also get the benefit of an improved labor and improved newborn health.

Prenatal massages will give you relaxation of the muscles as well as improving the lymphatic system and blood circulation throughout the body.. This is done by having mild pressure applied to different muscle groups in your body. This particular method is recommended during pregnancy because it addresses the skeletal and circulatory changes that come about when you are pregnant.

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60 min or 90 min

Aromatherapy Massage

With the Aromatherapy massage, fragrant oils are used that have been extracted from different flowers, herbs, and fruits. These help to enhance the experience of the massage. You will have the opportunity to choose the combination you would like before your massage begins.

If you are stressed out and tense but not quite in the mood for a strenuous massage then this is just the right thing for you. The purpose of an Aromatherapy massage is not necessarily to focus on the physical part of a massage but use essential oils to help relax your body, mind, and spirit.

All of the oils that are used are 100% natural and highly concentrated from different plants. There are tons of essential oils out there (over 3,000) and each can be used for a different therapeutic quality. There are oils specifically used for muscle spasms, stiffness, depression, insomnia, asthma, congestion, hypertension, and so much more.

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Massages are 50 minutes “hands on”, or
90 minutes “hands on”

Swedish Massages

Our Swedish massage is the most popular of our therapeutic massages offered. The idea behind the Swedish massage is to relax the entire body and help to reduce stress and pain while boosting mood and relaxation. The technique uses long gliding strokes that follow the direction of the blood returning to the heart. This actually helps to increase oxygen to the blood while decreasing the toxins and it helps with circulation and flexibility throughout the body.

A study was done by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and was published in the New York Times. This study showed that volunteers who had a 45-minute Swedish massage performed on them had a decrease in the stress hormone cortisol and a decrease in arginine vasopressin that makes the hormone that can cause increases in cortisol levels. The study also showed that the volunteers had higher amounts of lymphocytes and white blood cells and increased immune cells.

Deep Tissue Massages

While a deep tissue massage is similar to a Swedish massage, the deep tissue massage focuses on the deeper layers of the muscle so that you will get treatment on knots and severe muscle tension. This massage involves applying firm pressure to the muscle in long strokes so that it can reach the deeper layers of the muscle and the tissue that surrounds the muscle. This type of massage is used for those who suffer from chronic aches and works on areas such as the neck, upper and lower back, leg muscles, and shoulders.

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